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Volla Phone 22

Volla Phone 22

3.799,00 DKK

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Vejl. udsalgspris 4.748,75 DKK (inkl. moms)

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Freedom is Beautiful


The 2nd generation Volla Phone combines elegance and performance with
advanced privacy protection and smart operation for an experience of unique ease.
Smarter, simpler, faster. And with security mode and multiboot feature, a world-premiere! 












A Most Elegant Functionality

Volla Phone 22 is equipped with a multi-boot function as standard: install a second operating system as you would an app and simply select it at startup.

For instance, with this unique feat you can strictly separate professional and private use and data, tuning one OS to strict security and another OS to games and social media. 

Or, for actual or aspiring developers, you can reserve a suitable OS for easy access to the terminal. 

Choose Volla OS or Ubuntu Touch or Sailfish OS. Droidian, Manjaro and Nemo Mobile are but a few other alternatives to check out.

From the Springboard, another unique functionality from Volla, quickly activate the security mode, protected by a password. 

App locker: in security mode you can quickly and easily disable apps which are hidden in the app grid, so they don't run in the background. At the same time you can prevent new apps or malware from being installed. 

Firewall: use a blacklist or whitelist of the internet or IP addresses to define which are not allowed, or alternatively those that are allowed.

This firewall operates at the lower level of the operating system and thus applies to all apps. It can even be operated with a VPN. 

Volla Phone 22 comes with VPN. 

Volla Phone 22 is also a superb children mobile. Easily and quickly set it in security mode and be confident that they won't see anything not suitable.

Plus, you can easily and quickly whitelist designated apps and sites – such as access to the school's website. Or blacklist sites like YouTube. 

Also, if you have to use an app for work, study or private use that could lead to user data collection, you can specifically block these connections or block the app completely if you don't need it or want it anymore.

The point is: you decide.


Elegant Lightness

High-quality 48 MP dual camera for the best moments, embedded behind a glass back. Second 8 MP ultra wide-angle and macro lens for wonderful landscape and close-up shots.

Full-coverage, razor-sharp 6.3-inch display thanks to V-Notch for front camera. Crisp text and vivid images with 16.7 million colors and 410 pixels per inch. LED for missed calls and more.

Long lasting and enduring 4500 mAh lithium polymer battery, with a stand-by operation of 350 hours — which is user-replaceable

Extremely low radiation level of 0.29 W/kg at the head. Supports wireless charging.

Dual nano SIM for maximum flexibility, can be combined with 512GB MicroSD memory card for your music, photos and videos in addition to 128GB internal memory.

Powerful Mediatek 4G chipset Helio G85 Octa Core 2.0 GHz with optimized performance through Mediatek HyperEngine technology.

USB-C with USB OTG support for peripherals like readers or meters. 

Jack plug for the headphones of your choice allows classical radio at the same time.


Volla OS: the Next Operating System

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our Volla OS respects your privacy, built on a free open-source, Google-free Android with no dependence on a cloud

As a matter of fact: Volla won't even require you register an account giving away vital personal data such as bank account, phone number and email address. 

Continue to use essential apps for your everyday life and get the best of both worlds — the way you want it. 

Complete everyday tasks by accessing features and information at lightning speed with a single gesture.

 Much quicker than menus and apps: just start typing and your Volla Phone 22 will recognize what you want to do and offer suitable suggestions.

Upon typing, Volla OS will intelligently suggest the possible actions: search the web, make a call, send a message, create a note, send an email, etc. 


The Springboard

Send a text message, email or encrypted Signal message.

Create a note, search the web or open a specific webpage.

You can now quickly capture a calendar event.

Red dot: All important everyday functions with a single gesture.



Contacts: Your favorites and people you've been in contact with recently.

Conversations: Your recently exchanged messages, grouped by conversations.

News: grouped by your subscribed channels with reading view.

Notes: The most important pinned at the top, direct editing with automatic link detection.



Classic yet new with clearly recognizable app icons.

Automatically grouped by recently used or categories.

Practical filter function, for quick access.


Design Themes

Light: Ideal for daytime, black on white with easy to read font.

Dark: Pleasant for the eyes, white on black, perfect contrasts.

Transparent: Pure lightness with translucent background.


Just Like You Want It

Individual news channels (RSS and Atom).

Customizable shortcuts including your preferred apps.

Colorful as your life. 





The Type of Security
You Probably Didn't Know About


Google-free operating system 

Anonymous without a user account

No dependence on a cloud     

Secure, curated system apps 

Verifiable, open-source apps

Log-free VPN from

Encrypted device storage

Biometric lock

Detailed privacy settings

App store with tracker warnings

Navigation with offline maps

Secure browser with extension options






















































































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